That is why you accuse you, after the accusation, of the way in which the Northern Empire broke the covenant with God through idolatry in Hosea and Amos. In Hosea 4, the Lord is outraged that instead of the fidelity and love of the covenant there is «the oath, the lie, the murder, the theft and the adultery» (4:1-2). That`s five of the Ten Commandments! If that wasn`t enough, Chapter 4 will show how they sacrificed pagan gods on the heights, got engaged to cult prostitutes and joined idols. The Hebrew root Zanah happens fourteen times in this book! By turning to the pagan gods, Israel breaks its covenant with the Lord, the God who brought them out of Egypt and made them become his people. The strongly used sexual language serves a dual purpose. It is both a metaphor for Israel abandoning the Lord in favor of Baal and a description of the kind of behavior that the Israelites have exhibited in the Canaanean religion of worship. This is what life looks like when you leave God for the demonic and pagan gods of the Canaanies. The only essential sources of Jesus` life and message are the New Testament Gospels, including the first Mark (written in Derstimme 60-80), followed by Matthew, Luke and John (A. 75-90). Some additional evidence can be found in Paul`s letters, written from 50 ad 50 and which are the first Christian texts preserved.

However, there are other sources that may have more information. Non-Canadian sources, especially the Apocryphal Gospels, contain many sentences attributed to Jesus, as well as stories that are sometimes considered «authentic.» Among these apocryphal is the Gospel of Judas, a Gnostic text of the 2nd century, which presents Judas as an important collaborator of Jesus and not as his traitor. Another important text, the Gospel of Thomas in the mid-2nd century, attracted a great deal of attention. A gospel «proverbs» (114 proverbs attributed to Jesus, without narrative), it is based on Gnosticism, the philosophical and religious movement of the 2nd century, which emphasized the redemptive power of esoteric knowledge acquired through divine revelation.

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