4. Each party responds promptly to any request for specific information from the other party regarding any of its general or international measures covered in paragraph 1. 2. With respect to these business practices, including anti-competitive business practices that could adversely affect competition and/or trade between and within the parties, the parties apply the competition policy provisions that come into force or may come into force at the national level after this agreement comes into force, as well as the provisions that can be established in international competition policy agreements. 3. If consultations do not lead to an agreement acceptable to the parties, the benefits may be temporarily denied and the party concerned may attempt to resolve the issue in accordance with Article XV of the agreement establishing the free trade area between the Caribbean Community and the Dominican Republic (Free Trade Agreement). Each party immediately publishes and, with the exception of emergencies, no later than the date of its entry into force, all relevant general measures relating to the application of this agreement or affecting the implementation of this agreement. International agreements on trade in services signed by a contracting party are also made public. (viii) are not compatible with Article IV, provided that the difference in treatment is the result of an agreement to avoid double taxation or provisions to avoid double taxation in another international agreement or agreement to which the contracting party is bound. (i) assistance and support measures made available by a party or a public company, including loans, guarantees, insurance, subsidies and tax incentives granted by the governments of the contracting parties; 2. This communication is also forwarded to the Services Trade Committee.

The resulting consultations are conducted within the committee and concluded within 14 days of notification. (a) the nature and extent of the balance of payments and external financial difficulties; ARTICLE IX – RESTRICTIONS TO SAFEGUARD THE BALANCE OF PAYMENTS This agreement applies to measures taken by the parties with respect to trade in services, including those relating to: v) being temporary and expiring gradually when the situation in paragraph 1 improves. (a) repair and maintenance services for aircraft in which an aircraft is removed from circulation; (ii) non-governmental organizations in the exercise of the powers conferred by the government and the authorities covered by i).

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