The Board of Education for School District #33 (SD No. 33) and BCPSEA have entered into the following agreements with the Chilliwack Teachers` Association (CTA) and the British Columbia Teachers` Federation (BCTF): click on the link below, to see the work and learning rules that were established in the 2001-2004 collective agreement: a preliminary agreement was reached with the 45,000 public teachers in British Columbia. Details of the treaty will not be published until after ratification, although the government says the agreement was reached as part of the guidelines of its negotiating mandate on sustainable services. She also called for equitable learning conditions for students in all school districts, such as equal access to resources, including special staff for vulnerable children in need of additional learning or behavioural assistance. In a tweet from the B.C. Teachers` Association (BCTF), it is stated that the Board of Directors recommends accepting the agreement. Most B.C teachers. They will be back at work on Monday, albeit from home, trying to see how learning can continue to work amid the social demands of the COVID 19 pandemic. In the event of a dispute, the original source documents would be applicable. The contract applies to teachers working in 60 B.C school districts.

The collective agreement attempts to define all the current conditions of employment in the provincial and institutional collective agreement between the BCTF and the BCPSEA under the Labour Public Education Relations Act, as these conditions apply to this school district. «Given the challenges, concerns and priorities arising from the COVID 19 global pandemic, we are very pleased that both parties have recognized the need to complete this round of negotiations,» Chell said in a press release. In 2019, this mandate involved a 2% pay increase over three years. Recovered Language (click on download) Negotiated Agreements Guide to Class Size and Composition (click to download) After several days of marathon sessions this week, an interim agreement has been reached between the BCTF and the #bced employer BCPSEA. Our executive committee recommends the membership agreement. An email with more information is on its way to members now. The BCTF said in the tweet that the agreement was reached after this week`s «marathon» negotiations. In a tweet, it was said: «Given the current situation with COVID-19, our ratification vote will be different this time, and we are already working on what it will look like.» From time to time, the locals and the district accept changes in the language of the collective agreement, formalized by letters of intent (LOUs). LOUs are part of the collective agreement. The following transaction agreements are examples of LOUs from arbitration.

Alan Chell, Chair of the BCEPSEA Board of Directors, commended both parties for developing an agreement in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. B.C classes are currently suspended. He hopes that education authorities and teachers will ratify the agreement «and that we can work together to focus on continuity of student learning, as well as on the health and safety of our school communities.» The last contract between the BCTF and the B.C. Public School Employers` Association (BCPSEA) expired in June 2019. The BCTF says it will send details of the agreement thursday night by email to its members. The following year, the BCTF stated that it was focused on improving salaries to improve the province`s ability to attract teachers to fill a shortage.

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