Q: Should the BoatUS towing service provide the rescue and towing of my boat, should it sink? Q: Is it true that towing companies charge from the moment they leave their dock to the time they return? The cost of towing is simple. Marine assistance companies charge an average of $200 per hour from the time they leave their docks to the time they return to their docks. Also ask your agent or read your boat insurance to make sure that this kind of problem will be immediately visited on you – much like the Experience of Scrooge with the spirit of the future of Christmas. If your boat has sunk in or near a navigable canal, the U.S. Coast Guard will demand its distance. If the owner does not respond, the Coast Guard will remove it for them and expect the owner to pay the bill (large bill) as well as a possible fine. Included fee: payment for towing the disabled boat from the point of failure at sea to the port of choice; for sea battery take-offs; providing fuel, engine fluid and basic parts to avoid towing, depending on availability; soft-a-grounding support; Towing the disabled vessel immediately after a limited-use dock has broken down at home or to the member`s repairman. A limited-use wharf is a dock from which the member must move immediately, i.e. fuel or restaurant docks and docks with no possibility of accommodation. Thirty days after the initiative or on an unlimited level of gold service, the paid service includes the payment of the towing fee of the member`s disabled vessel, for repairs, from each dock or berth to the port of choice, so as not to exceed a total distance of 25 miles towed. All other service levels ($50, $150 and unlimited) include payments of up to 50% of the cost of towing the member`s disabled boat from an unrestricted dock or dock, i.e. home docks or marinas, for repair purposes, 30 days after the start of the membership or upgrade.

Paid services apply to all pleasure craft owned by the member, loaned or chartered, and include 24-hour towing service. Paid services are available if you use BoatUS Licensed Towing Company (TowBoatUS®) up to the service level on the member`s card at the time of the outage or ungrounding app. Service levels include paid services up to $50, $150, unlimited and unlimited gold. Unlimited and unlimited gold services are offered when the boat is disabled and towed in a UNLIMITED SERVICE ZONE. A SERVICE UNLIMITED ZONE is defined as at least 50 coastal miles (25 miles in each direction from the port of a licensed company). Extended UNLIMITED SERVICE AREAS, 30 miles or more Offshore, are available in many locations and can be found online at BoatUS.com/towingor at 1-800-888-4869. Q: During the off-season in the north (known as the lay-up period, where most boats are not in service) is TowBoatUS available? This is despite the united States

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