One day, Nuria, Claudia and I, who visited together in Salzburg, got together and spent the whole afternoon filling out many papers, including the famous Learning Agreement, choosing the courses and making the right changes until we get the necessary means: a long-term job, because before choosing our courses , we had to analyze what they were talking about so as not to go on an adventure and to be wrong in our choices. But after an afternoon of work, we finally managed to complete the LA! The Learning Agreement is a document that records your race choice. It contains information about your study plan and the ECTS credits that will be awarded for each of the chosen modules. Choose the courses you want to follow at ESCI, International Business School, fill in your learning agreement by listing them and the appropriate number of ECTS credits (ECTS 2015 Guide). Discuss your choice with your coordinator at your home institution. In order to receive a Transcript of Records from ESCI you must provide a correctly filled in and signed document. As soon as we were satisfied, the most important thing remained: it was accepted and signed by our coordinator! This is where our journey really begins, since our dear coordinator was missing. We went to his office, but he wasn`t there. We came back another day when he was supposed to be there, and a comrade told us that he did not come to university that day and that he was not responding to emails. We were desperate because we had to send the documents to the University of Salzburg within a specified time frame.

But the third attempt was the right one: after a long wait, he signed all the papers and, well, he didn`t put us in the wheels to confirm everything! After signing the documents without any problems, we sent them as quickly as possible to Salzburg, which fortunately responded to us fairly quickly with a document containing important information (such as the day we were supposed to be present for the orientation week, the missing documents…) and we sent them the other documents. A few days later, the stress took over because we did not receive a response from the university in Austria. However, a few weeks after sending everything, we finally received our acceptance letter! So we were officially accepted, to our delight! With regard to mobility for study purposes, the pedagogical contract must define the subjects that will be replaced in the student`s diploma after obtaining a diploma abroad.

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