First-year students can request to search a friend`s house or search for profiles to find a potential roommate match starting March 10, 2020. Being a good roommate depends on the ability to listen, communicate and compromise. There may be conflicts with roommates. It is therefore important to set rules and expectations before they need them. Many roommates feel that they understand each other`s feelings and that they do not communicate on topics such as the use of personal items, the accommodation of guests and when the suite/apartment needs to be cleaned. Contact your roommate and/or roommate and imagine. You can click on your information to contact them via or send an email to your university email address. As part of your housing application, students create a profile and screen name for the cohabitant system. Students will be able to resume their application on March 10 to start looking for roommates. The application`s collusion area will be made available as early as mid-March, as soon as you have received a construction contract or a collective contract. All the roommates-matching s have finished on the gate of the apartment. This contract examines the problems that are common between roommates and will help you and your roommates plan how to solve them. It will also help you get to know your roommates better.

This contract is also based on Campus Living Guide. Find out what others applying to live in Carolina are asking for. University Housing offers a number of dorm options from which you can choose, including tradition, suite, apartment and an extended apartment style. The USC Housing Services Office performs tasks according to the following criteria: Please note: The following information applies only to new students. Repatriating persons should inquire about the application and attribution instructions in the «Renewal Procedures for Returning Residents» section. Students applying before May 15 can choose their building and room based on availability, during a specified date and selection period. This information will be available on the housing portal as soon as your construction task has been published. These data and schedules vary by building and community. Once you have accepted the contract, you will see a confirmation page that summarizes the basic details of your housing task. Please print a copy for your personal records.

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