He also stated that teacher evaluations would not be influenced by the proportion of teachers and support staff they felt was in line with expectations. In what the union says, the unilateral imposition of a quota, Hall stated that «in a typical school, the coalition government expects that between 60 percent and 80 percent of teachers» would get a successful performance evaluation and thus progression. The Victorian school-age teacher now has to work relatively longer to earn a lower salary, with 11 years of service required to get into the top $108,003 salary. The Victorian Public Service Enterprise Agreement 2020 came into effect on October 9, 2020, the nominal expiration date of March 20, 2024. Minister Ingrid Stitt said the new convention, which will include more than 900 kindergartens, 44 long daycares and 22 municipal administrative services, would be part of a concerted effort to invest in early childhood educators and educators. The ability of employers to address underperformance issues has been successfully negotiated by the ELAA, which ensures that employers can extend the trial period for workers to six months under the proposed agreement, which also allows the employer to formally manage benefit issues. The Andrews government hopes the new business start-up agreement will make early childhood work more attractive to teachers and educators, as it will nearly double the number of employees to 13,000 by 2029, in line with its $5 billion plan to extend all three Victorian children by 15 hours free of charge. The AEU accuses the Ministry of Education of violating the recently adopted agreement on Victorian public schools by ordering principals to more rigorously determine which teachers and facilitators met the criteria for progress, including setting a cap for those who move to the next level, without consulting the union beforehand. In recent discussions, the ELAA stated that the proposed agreement «focuses on quality outcomes for the early childhood sector, improving the salaries and conditions of teachers and educators and giving employers greater capacity to manage their workforce.» Teachers of children, better paid and generally graduates of higher education, lead classes and are supported by early childhood educators who have studied diplomas, often at TAFE. «This means that of the 24,000 teachers eligible for progress last year, only 28 did not receive a promotion.» ELAA believes that the proposed VECTEA offers a balanced approach for teachers, educators and early childhood providers, according to a statement from the association, which states that the proposed agreement is now reached by the government with regard to adequate funding.

Justin Mullaly, vice-president of the Australian Education Union in Victoria, said the agreement was a cornerstone of the government`s free three-year education in an area traditionally neglected by many future teachers. Currently, more than 16,000 teachers are at the top of the ladder, unable to achieve a higher increment without being promoted. Wage increases of up to 31 per cent for kindergarten educators and 27 per cent for educators and group leaders will for the first time ensure parity between the 7,000 pre-school employees and 46,500 teachers in public schools at each salary level. After-school child care workers will also be interested in the increases when they negotiate their own enterprise contract and will not benefit from the new softened agreement. On 31 July 2020, the workers concerned received a communication on the rights of workers` representation with regard to the proposed Department of Education and Training (2020).

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